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I open several types of commissions. 

1. Classic portrait in color with background
Commision for ravenkanzaki by Alexandra-GlazerJust a portrait of a stranger by Alexandra-GlazerDaria by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 15$ (PayPal) or 1500Points (Commission widget)
Send me a note with reference of your character :) 

2. Graphic portrait with background
Nadezhda by Alexandra-GlazerNatalia by Alexandra-GlazerAragorn and Arwen by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 17$ (PayPal) or 1700Points (Commission widget)
Send me a note with reference of your character :) 

3. Decorative portrait in watercolor
How to get out of this ?! by Alexandra-GlazerRose by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 13$ (PayPal) or 1300Points (Commission widget)
Send me a note with reference of your character and little description about her/him :)

4. Portrait of half of the body
The birth of a flower by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 20$ (PayPal) or 2000Points (Commission widget)
Send me a note with reference of your character :)

5. Line art
Amnesia Art Nouveau - Sketch by Alexandra-GlazerTarri and Temma - sketch by Alexandra-GlazerYutta - the dark priestess. Sketch by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 13$ (PayPal) or 1300Points (Commission widget)
Send me a note with reference of your character :)
6. Сhibi
Chibi-portrait Sveta by Alexandra-GlazerChibi-portrait Olya by Alexandra-GlazerChibi-portrait Nadi by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 11$ (PayPal) or 1100Points (Commission widget)
I can draw you, your friend or character for fun. Send me a note!

7. Scene arts
Circus.The gymnasts. by Alexandra-GlazerBattle in the light of three moons by Alexandra-GlazerAmber and the little owl by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 23-25$ (PayPal) or 2300-2500Points (Commission widget)
Send me a note with references of your characters and detaled discription :)

8. Аnimals
Owls and good literature by Alexandra-GlazerThe Bladetoothed Cat by Alexandra-GlazerPortrait of a little owl by Alexandra-Glazer
A happy little mouse by Alexandra-GlazerThe Iron Dragon by Alexandra-Glazer
Portrait of an animal in color: 7$ (PayPal) or 700Points (Commission widget)
Portrait of an animal in graphic: 9$ (PayPal) or 900Points (Commission widget)
Lineart of animal: 8$ (PayPal) or 800Points (Commission widget)
The animal 
is full-body: 11$ (PayPal) or 1100Points (Commission widget)
Scene art with animals: 20-23$ (PayPal) or 2000-2300Points (Commission widget)

9. Finally, I can draw clothing designs and jewelry, for example:
Adopt clothes by Alexandra-Glazer0007 by Alexandra-Glazer
Price: 5-10$ (PayPal) or 500-1000Points (Commission widget)

:happybounce: ATTENTION! :happybounce: 
If you give a link to this journal to your friends by publishing it in your journal, then you will receive a 15% discount. 

I would be pleased if you supported me. It is very necessary for me at the moment.Hug 
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iiMesketchii Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
i heard you were commissioning sorry i am not looking to buy from you but i had a suggestion. Maybe a patreon account would skyrocket you and your art works. (i apologies) your art is amazing and i wish you the best. 
Alexandra-Glazer Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the good advice.)Before I did not know about this site. But I'm not sure that I can make in a short time (until December 20) put together a good audience.
iiMesketchii Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
There's nothing like taking some risk I wish you all the best have faith and even when it's storming
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